Scientific Engineering


Kalkulator  v.2 41

The Mother of all Calculators, a Swiss Army knife for scientists and engineers. Perhaps the most capable scientific/engineering calculator for Windows. On one hand, this is a calculator: evaluates expressions with more than 100 functions

USPExpress Math Parser  v.2 1

USPExpress Math Parser is a component that is aimed to parse and evaluate scientific, engineering and math expressions on-the-fly. It is designed to be used in .NET, Visual Basic, VBA, C++, Delphi or Fortran applications, or any other programming


Scientific Advantage for Pocket PCs  v.2.0.18

Scientific Advantage™ is Unit Aware™, lets you work with feet-inch-fraction dimensional values, includes advanced math functions and automatic solvers, and much more. Scientific Advantage™ is available for your Pocket PC and Windows computers.

Scientific Advantage Calculator  v.2.0

Scientific Advantage? is a Unit Aware? calculator that lets you work with feet-inch-fraction dimensional values and includes advanced math functions, automatic solvers, and much more. Unit Aware?

EngCalc- Engineering Calculator WM PPC  v.2.0

EngCalc(Fulll) - Engineers Engineering Formula Calculator Software Windows Mobile Pocket PC 500+ formulae catering to Mechanical Eng.

MxCalcSE Financial-Scientific Calculator  v.3.1.2

Matrices Functions Base Conversion Date & Time Calculations Financial Functions Statistics Functions Currency Conveter Equation Solver Most comprehensive Unit Converter with 150+ Categories, 2900 + Units & 50000+ conversions.

Scientific Calc  v.

Scientific Calc is a powerful tool for handling all of your scientific and graphing calculator needs. With four (4) powerful calculators, Scientific Calc is by far the top choice to meet your educational, research, business, or household needs.

Abacus Math Writer  v.4.0

MathWriter is a stand-alone program that allows for the production of, Mathematical, Scientific and Engineering equations and formulae.Schoolteachers and Lecturers will find MathWriter useful for producing notes, reports and test papers.

Igor Pro  v.6.22A

IGOR Pro is an interactive program environment for experimentation with scientific and engineering data and for the production of publication-quality graphs and page layouts.

CoPlot  v.6.400

CoPlot is an incredibly versatile program for making publication-quality 2D and 3D scientific graphs (which plot data and equations), maps, and technical drawings.

ProKalc 7.9f  v.1.0

ProKalc is a full-featured scientific/financial calculator with scrolling tape.

Calc98 for Windows Mobile  v.5.3

Calc98 is a pocket calculator simulator program for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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